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With over 20 years in business, let Dieselmotive Company Inc. help you with locomotive servicing, maintenance and leasing requirements

We Provide Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance in California, Nevada, and other locations*

Dieselmotive Company Inc. provides locomotive inspection and maintenance services. We specialize in identifying customer needs, many times before they are known to the customer and then satisfy those needs through superior communication, documentation, and integrity. We are adept problem solvers and creative in our approach to service and maintenance in a standardized and highly regulated environment. Our motto is …”keep the customer happy and go home safely.”

Some of the companies that we have worked for include: Amtrak, BNSF Railway, Union Pacific, Coast Rail Services, Enterpro, Lehigh,  South West Cement, ITS ConGlobal, Central California Traction Co., Santa Maria Valley Railroad, West isle line, Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Group, The Anderson’s, Transit America Services, Herzog, OMNI TRAX, Granite Rock, US Navy, US ARMY, USS POSCO, Pacific Locomotive Association, State of Nevada and more.

*Note: Other locations beyond cited States will be considered depending on requirements and scope of work. Feel free to contact us regarding your needs.

EMD 567/645/710 Turbo change outs
Truck work/ swaps/ traction motor combo change outs
On site wheel peeling on your powered axles
We work with other companies, at times, on the same project, here we are working with the locomotive owner and a crane service vendor.
EMD power assembly replacement
From Left to Right, the staff at Dieselmotive include, Bill Talkington, Jim Russell, Matt Monson and our customer, Bill Walker.
We work on many EMD models, older to newer and some GE locomotives too
CAD rendering of our new shop in Stockton, CA. It will have BNSF service direct with UP service indirect, with no switching charges. Groundbreaking should be fall  2020
Turbo change on locomotive
New turbo before installation on engine

We work with many well known companies. . .

Over 20 years in business . . .

Dieselmotive Company Inc. is a leading Northern California locomotive inspection and service company.

Matt Monson

Founder and President
Matt spent 10 years working for Westinghouse Air Brake Company where he learned about how the air brake was used in the Railroad industry. While learning at Air Brake, he learned that railroads had many needs and that he could full fill many of those needs on his own. With the permission of Westinghouse Air Brake, Matt set out on his own and started Dieselmotive Company Inc. Fueling his childhood love for the locomotive, Matt started leasing locomotives like the 4347 to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. Due to customers demand and exceptional Dieselmotive brand service, Matt expanded operations to include locomotive inspection and servicing, on-site wheel turning. Today, Dieselmotive is a leading Northern California inspection and service company known for its dedication, integrity and customer-driven priorities.

Jim Russell

Marketing and Research & Development
Jim Russell has a mechanical background that started in airplanes and moved to the docks of Oakland, working on all types of machinery, vehicles, and engines in the marine industry. After retiring, Jim missed the daily hum of machinery and left retirement for the sound of the locomotive. His father retired from the Pennsylvania Railroad so trains were in his blood. He settled in at Dieselmotive and it has been nearly ten years of railroad bliss. Jim’s duties are centered on marketing and operations support

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